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Founded in 1998, this sole proprietorship company today has an annual turnover of Rs. 85 lakhs.

Its businesses include publishing books on Goa’s tangible and intangible heritage, as well as film shoot management at the family bungalow - Green Gifts Bungalow, Bandra, Mumbai; running a highly popular homestay at Dhun-Heta Bungalow and Jena Cottage in the hill station of Panchgani, Maharashtra.

The company thrives on the philosophy of making family-owned heritage properties become economically viable and believes in the principle of “teaching by example”.   

The Heritage Network


Publishing began by chance, when the Tourism Department, Government of Kerala offered to publish THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO KERALA “if we had a publisher”. Photographer Farah Vakil and Heta Pandit hastily left the office and came up with a name, a logo and a publishing house. Several titles followed with a range of photographers, designers and resourceful printers.  

Green Gifts Bungalow

Mumbai, Maharashtra

In the heart of  Bandra, Mumbai, is the Green Gifts Bungalow, a heritage property which is a popular location for shoots.


The film shoots in the Bandra bungalow began in 1984 in the plant nursery (Green Gifts) in the garden of the (1914) bungalow with a Dhara cooking oil commercial and has been a launching pad for many award-winning actors, directors and directors of photography since.

Dhun Heta Bungalow
& Jena Cottage

Panchgani, Maharashtra

The homestays in Panchgani began in the year 2000, beginning with hosting family and friends, students and parents of children in the 36 schools in Panchgani and has now expanded to hosting up to 15 guests offering employment to over 10 local people.


Saligao, Goa

Maia Heritage House was built in 1936, and previously owned by Sonny D’Mello Anslekar.


Heta Pandit acquired it in 2007 and restored it with the help of conservation architect Ketak Nachinolkar.

Heta lives here now, with her dog Goru, and her cat Ginger.

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