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Talks & Videos

A collection of talks and videos by Heta Pandit.

Mangrave: (En)circling the Loss - A Short Film

This project and others like it have the unconditional support of Heta Pandit both personally and as an office bearer in the GHAG.

In a climate change scenario, it is the need of the hour to make people aware of the survival parameters that are at stake.

Candid With Nandan Kuchadkar

This video talks about Heta’s involvement in the heritage movement in Goa and tips on how to conserve heritage at a micro level.
She also speaks about how heritage conservation is part of the larger environmental movement.

Hyderabad Lit Fest 2018

In this video, Heta speaks about her book Grinding Stories: Songs from Goa at the Hyderabad Lit Fest 2018 where she introduced Sarojini Bhiva Gaonkar to an audience that was listening to songs sung at the grinding stone at Goa for the first time.
At another session at the same festival, she spoke on myths and legends in Goan folklore.

Book launch: There’s More To Life Than A House In Goa

This was at the Goa Arts and Literature Festival 2015, where Heta’s book titled There is more to life than a house in Goa, was released by Jnanpith awardee and celebrated Konkani writer Bhai Damodar Mauzo.

Tinsanz Episode 19 | When Folk meets Fusion | ft. Heta Pandit | Mukesh Ghatwal, Deepa & Anshu Moghe

This video is discussion folklorist and archaeologist Sawani Shetye on the book Grinding Stories: Songs from Goa. We discuss the origins of milling songs translated in the book and also Goa’s unique Kaavi art.

With Heritage Experts Heta Pandit and Dr. Pheroza Godrej

Mrs Pheroza Godrej, president of the Museum Society( Mumbai) speaks to Heta about her life journey, family history, successes and failures. 

These talks were under the aegis of Jiyo Parsi and aimed at becoming inspirational stories for young Parsis in India.

Literally Goa - Heta Pandit interviewed by Frederick Noronha

Heta Pandit, interviewed by author and publisher Frederick Noronha on writing and publishing in Goa, and the importance of documenting family, personal and oral histories.

Heritage houses struggle for survival South Goa

Heta was part of the protest opposing the three linear projects in Goa.

Her contribution was to spread awareness on the impact of double tracking of the railway line on Heritage houses in South Goa.

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