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Walking with Angels is a whimsical and sharp look at churches, chapels, roadside shrines and cemeteries of Goa on the west coast of India. The book begins with the two purely European models- the Se( 1562-1651), and Our Lady of Divine Providence (1656-1661)-located in Old Goa both of which have no architectural descendants. Taking cue from these two monumental churches built on the European model prevalent at the time, the author tells us how the Indian idiom influenced the other churches and chapels that followed and how this spate of building activity helped the spread of the Christian faith in Goa. Beautiful pictures of chapels and altars in Goan homes, private spaces in church sacristies, roadside chapels and wayside shrines, an illustrative comparison of Goan houses and churcharchitecture, ivory, wood and silver religious statuary in Goan homes, an indulgence in photographs of church cemeteries, a subject that fascinates both the author and photographer Tushar Rao and pictures of articles, symbols and ornaments from churches, chapels and homes bring home their own truth, their own story.

Walking with Angels

  • 2006

  • The Heritage Network

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