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When her mother passed away, author Heta Pandit found herself the

owner of four historic houses. All of Pandit's conversations revolve around

her four houses: their upkeep, their leaking roofs, their Minton floors,

their refurbishments, their stories, and the spirits that inhabit them. In

There's more to Life than a House in Goa, she offers a personal history of

the houses she owns in Mumbai, Panchgani, and Goa in India.


Interwoven with the stories of several generations, this memoir is not just

about houses, but it also shares a capsule on social history at a micro level.

It provides a reflection of the eccentricities and quirks of the extraordinary

community of Paris, immigrants from Iran, and their adaptation to the

social and cultural customs in the land of their adoption.


There's more to Life than a House in Goa talks about personal history

and recalls family values, remembering the way things were. After all, the

stories of the houses are also the stories of the people who inhabit them.

There’s More To Life Than a House In Goa

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