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Here is a book that takes a fresh look at the old capital of Velha Goa or Old Goa.

With over 100 illustrations, and contributions from renowned experts, IN AND AROUND OLD GOA has photographs that have never been published before and articles that are the result of painstaking new evidence unearthed from the treasures of the city's dramatic history.


It takes you through layers of times and traditions gone by, and as you soak in the monumental buildings, churches, chapels, and convents, find out that this city once reverberated with the sound of Sanskrit verses at Brahmapuri; that a fierce battle was fought on the river Gomti (Mandovi) between King Biravarma and the Nawab of Honavar, and that the only traces left by the Adil Shah of his Ela are parts of a palace recycled from the exquisitely carved stone columns built by the 13th-century Kadamba kings.


With exceptional photographs by Tushar Rao, IN AND AROUND OLD GOA transforms the simple act of walking about the old city into an unforgettable journey through time and space.

In and around Old Goa

  • 2005

  • The Marg Foundation

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