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Grinding Stories Retold: Songs from Goa

Grinding Stories Retold: Songs from Goa is a sequel to the first volume and includes songs sung by the Christian Gavda community. This is an important anthropological contribution to the genre because of the fact that singing in Konkani had been banned by the erstwhile Portuguese government in the year 1684 and this wealth of oral literature went underground. This book brings the songs out into a more visible platform.

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Grinding Stories: Songs from Goa

This book is a translation and interpretation of 25 songs sung at the grinding stone by women located in the remote Sattari and Keri areas of Goa. The songs in translation speak of the stress, despair, desperation and joy as experienced by these Goan women.

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Houses of Goa

Houses Of Goa is a treatise on the architectural, cultural and social features of the Goan house. It was the first book of its kind (1998) and is still regarded as a classic reference book for information on the uniquely Goan houses in the state.

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There's More To Life Than A House In Goa

There's More To Life Than A House In Goa is an autobiography of the author and was released at the Goa Art & Literature Festival in Goa by renowned Konkani writer Shri Damodar Mauzo.

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In & Around Old Goa

In & Around Old Goa is a collection of essays and research papers on Old Goa, its history, architecture and its location.

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A Heritage Guide To Kerala

A Heritage Guide To Kerala was commissioned by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala and is a listing of the heritage houses and areas in and around the city of Kochi as well as the rest of the region.


Dust & Other Short Stories

Dust & Other Short Stories is an anthology of short stories that were originally commissioned by local Goa publications (The Navhind Times and Goa Today) and showcases the drawings of Ar Sunita Dalvi. Each story revolves around a house.

The cover illustration for the book has been done by the late Mario Miranda.


Hidden Hands - Master Builders Of Goa

This book was the result of a grant received from the Homi Bhabha Fellowships Council to document the artisans and craftspeople who helped build the houses of Goa. The book is the result of two years of research and contains descriptions of methods and materials used by these artisans in the building of these houses. The book also has a directory of artisans to help both home restorers and artisans find their point of interface.

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Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels encompasses 155 churches and chapels in Goa and covers a comparison between the architecture of the churches and the houses.

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Ferry Crossing

Ferry Crossing is an anthology of short stories from Goa edited by Homi Bhabha Fellow and Fulbright scholar Manohar Shetty. Four stories translated from the Marathi language by the author have been included in this collection published by Penguin.


Walking In Goa

This book is a collection of 12 of the author’s favourite walks in Goa.

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